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Preserving a legacy since the birth of Calcutta City

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In custody of 1.5 lakh Mortal remains, 16,000 Vaults - 5 Public Cemeteries accounting for almost 75% of the daily burials of Kolkata and - preserving the 18th Century ambiance of Asia's Largest Colonial Cemetery and finally those tombs steeped in historical sentiment of Bengal's Renaissance period and its earlier period. . . more



The Potta records of all the cemeteries under the CBB have been digitized. The interment records are in the process of being digitized. (The “Potta” means Grave Deed). The CBB has been providing burial space and protects the public burial grounds as detailed earlier. The CBB also has a plan to revive the Gas Crematorium to facilitate Ash. . . more


Christian Burial Board, Kolkata is adjudged one of the 12 most beautiful cemeteries around the world - Loren Rhoads. Click for details

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Kolkata despite being the cultural capital of India, has gained the dubious distinction of being one of the most polluted and crowded cities in the world. The Christian Burial Board, in its own small way, is trying to right the wrongs. As recommended by His Excellency, The Governor, we have enlisted the honorary services of an expert, Dr Kashinath Ghose, Vice-Principal & Head of the Department of Botany, Scottish Church College, Kolkata. Click for details

The heritage tombs of the earlier era, the tomb of Sir William Jones, Charles (Hindoo) Stuart both in South Park Street Cemetery (1767), Michael Madhusudhan Dutt and several others in the Lower Circular Cemetery (1840) and St. Stephen's Cemetery (1820) by the notification of Archaeological survey of India are being preserved by the Christian Burial Board under the advice of eminent Archaeologist Advisor. Click for details



Preservation of such precious heritage sites requires the special expertise of archaeologist-engineers. The structures have to be saved for posterity, without any alteration of their original characters. The right materials and the right workmanship must be selected. Phase I of renovations, completed in 2007 involved the restoration of 15 tombs that needed most urgent attention. Another batch of tombs is being taken up in 2009... more


The Lower Circular Road Cemetery since 1840 has the mortal remains of a number of memorable personalities responsible for the development of art, culture and science in Calcutta and India. The Graves include Michael Madhusudan Dutt – the illustrious poet of Bengal, Sri Haren Mookerjee - the first Bengali Governor of West Bengal & a Scholar and Patriot, The Rev. Lal Behari Shah – founder of the first Blind School in India, C. F. Andrews... more

Religion - Rituals

The cemeteries have deep religious significance amongst the believers and the Christian community in general. On days such as the All Souls’ Day, All Saints’ Day, Easter Sunday, New Year Day, Christmas Day and Good Friday, large number of Christian population of the city from all denominations assemble for individual and collective worship and performing religious rituals in all these cemeteries including the South Park Street Cemetery... more