In custody of 1.5 lakh Mortal remains, 16,000 Vaults - 5 Public Cemeteries accounting for almost 75% of the daily burials of Kolkata and - preserving the 18th Century ambiance of Asia's Largest Colonial Cemetery and finally those tombs steeped in historical sentiment of Bengal's Renaissance period and its earlier period. The Name "Christian Burial Board" originates from the Calcutta Burial Board as a Statutory Body formed in 1881 under the Burial Board Act (Bengal Act V). Calcutta being the commercial capital of India during the British rule as well as the political capital till 1911 had to accommodate several international communities for generations. Many graves in these cemeteries are visited by friends/ relatives/tourists from across the world. These cemeteries under the jurisdiction of the Christian Burial Board have hundreds of historical and archaeologically significant Tombs which need to be maintained by a statutory body as per the Act comprising of eminent citizens, public servants and church representatives supported by professional service providers to maintain accountability and efficiency.

The Christian Burial Board is exempted from Income Tax by the Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India (CBDT)
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