Christian Burial Board

Preserving a legacy since the birth of Calcutta City

Fund Management

Our mission statement is “We the willing led by the unknowing are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much for so long with so little that we are now qualified to do anything with nothing!”

The Christian Burial Board needs to generate its own fund without any regular grant or aid from India or abroad. Despite having so many objectives and obligations it has remained a thankless task for the Board, when a number of its legitimate claims are not entertained by the authorities. To maintain transparency the Board has Professional Advisory Committees and Consultants. It has been exempted by the Govt. of India, Ministry of Finance (CBDT) from the Income Tax. The only major source of revenue of the Board originates from the Bank Interest from the Term Deposits kept in Nationalized Banks. The audit is done by the West Bengal Govt. Audit Department. There is one Internal Auditor and the revenue generated from the street side Hoardings on the peripheral land from the two cemeteries, viz. the LCRC and the SPSC as well as the token burial charges received from the grave owners have to be managed judiciously by the Members of the Board under the supervision of one Chartered Accountant acting as the Board’s professional Financial Adviser. The present Chairman of the Board is a highly qualified retired person from the Indian Revenue Services and the present Executive Member is a retired Management Consultant with a performance track record spanning more than 35 years. The control system is gradually being computerized for convenience.

Any donation or technical assistance from foreign international agencies to the Christian Burial Board shall be gratefully accepted in Indian Currency or through a local agent.