Christian Burial Board

Preserving a legacy since the birth of Calcutta City

Environmental Concerns

Kolkata despite being the cultural capital of India, has gained the dubious distinction of being one of the most polluted and crowded cities in the world. The Christian Burial Board, in its own small way, is trying to right the wrongs.

As recommended by His Excellency, The Governor, we have enlisted the honorary services of an expert, Dr Kashinath Ghose, Vice-Principal & Head of the Department of Botany, Scottish Church College, Kolkata to classify the trees and shrubs in Park Street and Lower Circular Road (AJC Bose Road) cemeteries in scientific and local terminology, and to suggest ways of further upgrading the flora to attract more singing birds.

Another green measure was the solar-powered illumination at SPSC near Derozio's grave in Derozio’s Memorial, installed under expert guidance at the Rawdon Street end of the Park Street cemetery, in commemoration of his birth bicentenary in 2009.