Christian Burial Board

Preserving a legacy since the birth of Calcutta City


The Potta records of all the cemeteries under the CBB have been digitized. The interment records are in the process of being digitized. (The “Potta” means Grave Deed). The CBB has been providing burial space and protects the public burial grounds as detailed earlier. The CBB also has a plan to revive the Gas Crematorium to facilitate Ash or Urn burials subject to cooperation from the Kolkata Municipal Corporation. The CBB also needs funds from the International Community in the absence of any government grant or church aid. CBB has plans to establish a direct response with the grave owing public and visitors from India and abroad through internet. This may open the possibility of providing specific grave maintenance services directly through the internet, subject to voluntary organizations wanting to help the Christian Burial Board in its noble objective. As a voluntary service, structural support from the Municipal Corporation and the Govt. will determine the extent and quality of service that the CBB can provide to promote the cause of tourism. The Members of the CBB are competent professionals and thus there is a bright future ahead subject to international help, technical assistance from voluntary organizations, public support and sympathy as well as the assistance needed from the service-providing statutory bodies like the KMDA and the Police Authorities.

CBB provides Burial Space, Ground Staff, Maintenance of Land, Buildings, Boundary Walls, Law and Order, Gate Security, Interment Records, Issue of Burial Certificates, Burial Services, Community Service on specific days, Emergency Burials on holidays, Sundays and on accidental deaths. It provides a green ambience for the visitors. Manual assistance for grave detection for outsiders, tourists and grave-owners, holding of Prayer Meetings and Religious Rituals and a few cemetery related public functions for heritage graves and other services.