Christian Burial Board

Preserving a legacy since the birth of Calcutta City

Excerpt from the message of Governor, West Bengal, HE Gopal Krishna Gandhi

Governor Pic

“....I am happy to learn about the computerization of Burial Records & Pottahs of the Christian Burial Board, Kolkata. I hope this would enable concerned individuals and institutions to identify and visit a grave in these large cemeteries. Cemeteries serve those who have crossed over, true. They can also serve those who are young and fit, or not so young and not fit, but want to live healthy lives. How? Cemeteries, if they have trees and grounds, as most of them do, can tend their botanical assets, keep a watch on the health of their trees and plants, remove with regularity all garbage of the non-biodegradable kind and thereby become ‘lungs’ for our carbon infested cities. They can become carbon sinks, returning to the atmosphere what carbon pollution takes away from it. And they can become ‘retreats’ for people to come to, for a sense of peace....”.

Sd/- Gopal Krishna Gandhi,
ex. Governor of West Bengal,
Raj Bhawan, Kolkata - 700 062
Dtd: 26.02.2009