Christian Burial Board

Preserving a legacy since the birth of Calcutta City


We can surmise that the role of the media was not inconsiderable in the passing of the Bengal Act of 1881, which led to the formation of the Calcutta Burial Board as a statutory body.

Typical News item.
The Statesman : Monday, March 28, 1881

Military Cemetery Cleaning Up

The Ven’ble Archdeacon Baly has, we are informed, recently inspected this cemetery and ordered that a large number of old tombs in a ruinous state and without any inscriptions shall be forthwith dismantled and removed. Any ruinous monuments, still bearing inscriptions, will also be by degrees removed, and the tablets be inserted on the cemetery walls. This will be a great improvement, as this ancient cemetery is in parts much choked up with dilapidated masonry. While on this subject, we may mention that the chaplain in charge has made the following rules for the guidance of the undertakers of funerals in this cemetery, of which it may be useful for the public to be aware of : -

  1. In applying for permission to open a family vault, it must be distinctly stated what relationship there was between the deceased and those previously interred therein, as also at what date the vault was last used, and what reason there is for believing there is room for another interment.

  2. In applying for permission to erect a monument of any kind, a copy of the proposed inscription and of the design should be sent for the chaplain’s approval before the work is put in hand.