Christian Burial Board

Preserving a legacy since the birth of Calcutta City

Burial Records

To save the primary data and very old burial records, The Christian Burial Board has started digitizing its records. A Computer Room has been opened and a Computer Operator has been hired. The present Secretary of the CBB is Computer literate. All these have helped the Board to attain its objectives and obligations in a professional manner. At the moment every single Pottah (Grave Deed) has been computerized in the name of the last Pottah Owner. Thus any individual or family who can specifically quote the number or the name of the Pottah Owner or the date and year of interment can easily identify his/her family grave. Therefore in future direct response to grave related services can be initiated.

With the introduction of ‘Tally’ Accounting Software, the Financial Returns of the Board are also computerized for efficiency. This is reportedly the only Burial Board in India, which has attained computerization in such a scale. Correspondences are also computerized for economy of space. The Christian Burial Board invites concrete suggestions and/or help in this direction to fulfill its obligations in a spirit of dedication.